The Box is all about flexibility.  
Rent the office, and/or the studio, and/or all 3,000 sq ft.  We adjust to your gig.

Hourly, half-day, weekly and extended studio use rates are available - just ask.

The Box Layout-1.jpg


The Box Production office theater space with coffee station, fridge, microwave, laser printer, tables and chairs.

$250/day for 1-3 days

$200/day for 4-5 days    
$150/day for 6-7 days


Add the client room with vanity station, monitor, kitchenette and additional restroom.

$400/day for 1-3 days

$350/day for 4-5 days       
$300/day for 6-7 days


The Box studio space includes stage space with power, client room with kitchenette, coffee station, vanity & restroom. 

$700/day for 1-3 days

$600/day for 4-5 days

$500/day for 6-7 days


The studio, client room, production office, and kitchen sink (for real!) are yours.  Make great art!


$850/day for 1-3 days 

$725/day for 4-5 days

$575/day for 6-7 days

12 parking spaces available on the lot and plenty more free street parking in the area.

Easy load in and out into the studio through our 10'x10' bay door.  

Plenty of studio space for filming cars.

Quiet, private location, two miles from Monument Circle and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.