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Photo Studio -- Unparalleled quality!

We know that your photo project is worth way more than a thousand words.  It might be those headshots that your C-level managers need to gain investors.  It might be photos of your second love or that smoking hot classic car or instrument. It might be a really great high ticket item so you can turn it for a profit on e-bay. It might be an album cover, or photos for your social media channels.  Press kits, brochures or business cards...  Whatever it is, it can be taken in The Box.

We have all the space, lighting, support, and rental gear you need to get your photography project completed.

And if you are thinking, "That's fine, but I don't even have a photographer", we have Michael Durr, a photographer and videographer who is ready to shoot, light or consult on your project.  Michael is a veteran photographer and videographer who has worked with clients such as McDonalds, Case Construction and Coca-Cola.  So we even have an expert you can rent.


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