Top Quality Music Services at Indie Prices – Did you hear that?

For live records, studio records, music videos, band photography, marketing, crowdfunding, and merchandising help,

this is your one-stop music production facility.

We've got top shelf mics, world-class pre-amps and converters, and touch surface mixing on the latest Pro Tools software LOADED with plugs.  Dave Sprinkle, our music services manager, has years of experience in recording, producing, mixing, mastering, composing and arranging, engineering, and touring--He genuinely listens to you and makes sure he is capturing your vision for the song.  Too many bands put out home recordings because they "can't afford" to record.  We have very “musician friendly” prices, have a no-risk recording payment policy and a pay-over-time program, and with a recording being the primary way you get gigs and sell records,

can you afford NOT to record here?


This, I believe, is where we do a #micdrop (Doh!  That was an EXPENSIVE microphone!)