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Video Gear Rentals


Sony FS7 4k camera body $75/day

Sony FS5 4k camera body $50/day

Sony A6500 4k camera w/ 10-18mm $40/day

Sony FE PZ 28-135mm F4 G OSS Lens $70/day

Sony 18-105 F4 Zoom Lens  $40/day

Rokinon Cine Prime Kit (8, 16, 24, 35, 50, 85) $100/day

Panasonic HPX-370 P2 Camera w/ studio controls $150/day


Atomos Shogun Flame 4K Recorder /

Monitor (2) 256GB SSD Drives  $50/day

15" BON Hi-bright HDSDI / HDMI monitor $40/day

Tilta Nucleus-M Wireless Follow Focus Lens Control System Partial Kit I, Includes Wireless FIZ Hand Unit  $50/day

Rhino Motion Slider w Arc –

programmable 24” and 42” rails 50lbs of weight  $30/day

DJI Ronin MX $40/day
DJI Ronin SC $30/day

Camera jibs available at $1300/day with operator

     Jimmy Jib  6' - 40'  

     Jib Lite  6' - 18'

Tripod (large, mid, lite-weight) $5/day


Intellytech Light Cannon

F-485 Bi-Color High Output LED Fresnel  $70/day - one available
Intellytech Luma Cloud LED  $70/day ea - 2 available

Intellytech 1x2 Light Kit Light Cannon X-100 | Bowens Mount + Bi-Color + Fresnel - V-Mount $75/day for kit

KinoFlo Parabeam 400 w/ tung/day bulbs 1 Avail $35/day

KinoFlo 4bank w/ tung/day bulbs  $25/day 3 availablle

Falcon Eyes FLEX LED Bi-color 2 light kit w/ stands $35/day
Matthews Doorway Dolly $45/day

Matthews Doorway Dolly Skateboard w/ track (up to 24') $45/day
Avenger Triple Riser Combo Stands 2 Avail $12/ea per day

Matthews Triple Riser Combo Stands w/ wheels $12/ea per day 2 available

C-stands 10 Avail $7/ea per day

Various small lighting stands  $3/ea/day

12'x12' Canvas Grip Greenscreen fabric standard or digital green $10/day

9' Seamless backgrounds various colors $10/day

24"x36" Black Flags 2 Avail $5/ea/day

6' x 6' frame w/ Ultra=bounce, 1/4 grid, 1/2 grid, full grid  $15/day
18x24 Flag Kit. $15/day

24x36 Flag Kit $20/day
Sandbags 8 standard, 2 Apple Box sets $15/day


IKan 15” Teleprompter System

Incl Macbook Pro, scroller $250/day

Teleprompter Operator $550/10


Production box van $95/day 100miles/day incl

Coolers, folding tables, folding chairs  $4/ea/day

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